Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Assi Al Hillani - Etr El Mahabba

Lebanese singer Assi Al Hillani has built a reputation of excellence, and though this album is early in his chain of successes, it remains one of his most memorable albums. Assi, as always, explores countless styles in this album. Dayem Doum (Always Forever) is a typical Boudi Naoum composition, with an upbeat western pop feel, while songs like Samma'ni Kalam, Howara, and Telli have a more authentic Lebanese feel. Oyounou Al Shawq (Eyes of Love) and Admantou Hawaki (I Am Addicted to Your Love) both show Assi experimenting with poetry in fos'ha (classical) Arabic, but while the former has a classical Arabic feel, similar to Kadim Al Sahir, the latter combines both classical and modern elements, something that was relatively new in 2001, and was done also by Yuri Mrakadi in Arabiyon Ana that year.


1. El Wafa Enwan
2. Dayem Doum
3. Samma'ni Kalam
4. Admantou Hawaki
5. Howara
6. La Tesaddeg
7. Sibouni Atkallem
8. Meshtaq La Eyounek
9. Khallini Haddak
10. Oyounou Al Shawq
11. Telli
12. Etr El Mahabba

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Thanks for uploading this old album and please keep uploading old albums. Old is Gold ;)