Friday, June 27, 2008

Madeleine Matar - Ala Bali Hawak

Madeleine Matar's second album, Ala Bali Hawak, brought the success that Madeleine did not meet with in her first album, Raydah. The album is a combination of Egyptian, Lebanese, and even Europop styles with famous musicians such as Marwan Khoury, Boudi Na'oum, Ziad Boutros, Salim Salameh, and Ahmed Mohie.


1. Ala Bali Hawak
2. Ana La Min?
3. Albi Ghali
4. We Menein Menein
5. Dallalouna
6. Shahd We Sukkar
7. Sultan El Hawa
8. Aywa Bahebbak

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers

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