Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mayssam Nahas - Kaddab Kebir

When Mayssam Nahas' fourth album, Kaddab Kebir, came in 2006, it had cavernous shoes to fill. Mayssam's past two albums, Bonita and Fakart Ketir, had been hits and she was expected to follow them up. However, the most significant change that came in her new album was the absence of Roger Abi Aqil, her now ex-husband. Mayssam instead worked with several newer composers such as Rawad Raad, Haitham Zayyad, Shadi Farah, and Hanel Nabil. The title song, Kaddab Kebir, became one of 2006's biggest hits, and Mayssam proved that she does not have to depend on any one person to secure success. Rouwad Raad's two compositions, Olt La La and Kif Habbaytak are great also.


1. Kaddab Kebir
2. Habibi Ma Bi'addi
3. Kelma Hekma
4. Daya't El Hob
5. Olt La La
6. Yekhalili Albak
7. Kif Habbaytak
8. Keda Gani

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