Friday, June 27, 2008

Mayssam Nahas - Bonita

Mayssam's 2003 album was a enormous hit for her and shows the first fruits of her collaboration with her now ex-husband, Roger Abi Aqil, who composed five of the ten tracks. Mayssam met with great success with such songs as Lamouni, Nar Nar, Bonita, and Kol El Shouq (composed by Turkish composer Altan Seytin).


1. Lamouni
2. Nar Nar
3. Bhebbak Be Jnoun
4. Bonita
5. Ward
6. Kol El Shouq
7. Leila Dana
8. Amshilak
9. Shou Ma Sar
10. Teheb Tes'al

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