Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Warda - Harramt Ahebbak

Algerian legend Warda's successes can be divided into two categories; the tarab songs and the songs that helped give birth to modern Arabic pop. Songs like Aw'ati Btehlaw (Time Becomes More Beautiful), Akdeb Aleik (I Would Be Lying), and Fi Youm We Leila (In a Day and a Night) defined Warda's early career, and made her a legend in a business that was flooded with new talent. However, it is Warda's collaboration with Egyptian composer Salah El Sharnoubi in the early 1990s that defined her late career and gave way to the new wave of shorter, and more pop-influenced Arabic music. One of the greatest collaborations between Warda and Salah was Harramt Ahebbak (I've Forbidden Myself from Loving You):


1. Harramt Ahebbak
2. Ana Arfa
3. El Loum Aleina
4. Ya Leil
5. Mihtagalak

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Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks a lot for your effort, want to ask you can you please re upload HARRAMT AHIBBAK from WARDA , many thanks - Peace