Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julia Boutros - La B'ahlamak (testing)

Julia Boutros's three-year absence from the music scene after the release of her 2001 album, Bi Saraha, turned out to be the best thing she could have done. Julia returned in 2004 with this eight-track masterpiece, La B'ahlamak. The album remains her most successful, with defining hits such as La B'ahlamak (Not In Your Dreams) and Ala Shou? (What For?). In typical Julia fashion, there is also a song about patriotism and freedom, Betnaffas Horriyeh (I Breathe Freedom).


1. La B'ahlamak
2. Ma Tettalla' Heik
3. Ala Shou?
4. Shou Sayer Bi Halak
5. Emghalat Bel Enwan
6. Allah Ma'ak
7. Betnaffas Horriyeh
8. Byenkesser Hal Lail

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