Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cyrine - Aleik Oyouni

Lebanese singer/actress Cyrine Abdelnour's second album is (arguably) a much better effort than her first. However, most of the songs are still composed by Cyrine's producer, Jean Saliba, who is notorious for purchasing the rights to reproducing Turkish songs. Cyrine did breakout with Law Bass Ef Eini and Aleik Oyouni, composed by Walid Sheraqi (composed Kol Youm Fi Omri for Elissa) and Nouhad Najjar (composed Erga' Lel Shouq for Elissa). Overall, the album is enjoyable and made up of songs with Arabic and Turkish instruments, with the exception of Law Bass Ef Eini, which was given a Latin arrangement by Turkish musician Ufuk Yeldirim:


1. Law Bass Ef Eini
2. Aleik Oyouni
3. Edhak Habibi
4. Shou Aamel Fiyeh
5. A'ishha Le Min
6. Wala Kelma
7. Bahlam Bik
8. We Inta Ghayeb Anni

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