Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hasna - Bamba

Moroccan singer Hasna's hit 2003 album was a tough act to follow. Therefore, when Bamba was released in 2005, it could not help being overshadowed. Shoufo Shoufo (Look, Look) was an infectious summer hit for Hasna, but the rest of the album was overlooked for the mostpart. Hasna sang in the Moroccan, Lebanese, and Egyptian Arabic dialects, and did it quite well in her unique style. Keep in mind, she may be Moroccan, but at this point in her career Lebanese producer Jean Saliba managed her musical choices, and it shows.


1. Bamba
2. Es'al Alaya
3. Yerdini
4. Shoufo Shoufo
5. Shou Ba'mel
6. Tebghi Nedhak
7. Inta Elli Ba'ili

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