Friday, November 28, 2008

Myriam Faris - Nadini

Myriam Faris truly broke out of the mold of her debut album with Nadini. Instead of tired remakes, Myriam worked with some of the greatest names in the industry, new and old. With only two ballads on the album (the très traditionnelle Hassait B'Aman and the more pop-ish Hassesni Bik), Myriam's album is young and whether it goes for Europop or belly dance beats, it's upbeat dance music. The album opens with hit title song, a fast-paced, and extremely catchy, electronic song, composed by Mohamed Rahim from Egypt, and arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi from Lebanon. Anadiya is an irresistable mix of traditional Arabic music and electronic beats, with the song moving from violins and riqq to accordions and club beats in a heartbeat. To a similar effect, Ha'leq Ala Rahtak opens like something out of a Zorro movie and turns into a quintessential belly dancing song. Boudi Naoum follows up 2003's Shou Baddo Ysir, with another very Europop offering, Leih Habibi, which the versatile Myriam works with very well. Za'lan Menni is for fans of the Latin sound, with brass and Latin beats mixing with heavier Arabic beats. Ma'rafsh Had Bel Ism Dah takes a similar path, adding mizmar and doing away with the Latin beat. Khallini Tir, which more or less qualifies as a ballad too, combines Tarek Abou Jaoudeh's dramatic composition with Ravi's excellent arrangement, combining heavy strings with kanun, riqq, and powerful beats. The album's last single, Waheshni Eih, continues where Nadini left off, but adds Arabic beats and mizmar to the mix, making for a much more interesting song.


1. Nadini
2. Anadiya
3. Hassesni Bik
4. Ha'leq Rahtak
5. Leih Habibi
6. Ma'rafsh Had Bel Ism Dah
7. Hassait B'Aman
8. Khallini Tir
9. Za'lan Menni
10. Waheshni Eih

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