Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Asalah - Ad El Horouf

Asalah's 2003 album was the last one in which she mixed Khaliji, Syrian, and Egyptian songs on the same CD. Two of the biggest hits, Misheit Senin and A'taz Bek, are by Saudi poet Al Nasser and Kuwaiti composer Dr. Ya'coub Al Khubaizi. Though Al Nasser works mainly with singers from the Gulf, he has written several songs for Magida el Roumi in classical/written Arabic, such as Ouhibbouka Wa Ba'd and Al Hob Wal Wafa', but he wrote Misheit Senin in the Egyptian dialect. Khalli Hal Tabeq Mastour, composed by Syrian singer Elias Karam, is a humorous song in which she tells her lover not to bring up fidelity, because "he who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones at others". Though some songs suffer from somewhat archaic arrangement, and Asalah seems to get alittle overenthusiastic on others, like Tasawar and Mali, there are enough good songs on this album to merit a thorough listen.


1. Tasawar
2. Damirak Sehi
3. Misheit Senin
4. Mali
5. A'taz Bek
6. Ad El Horouf
7. Khalli Hal Tabeq Mastour
8. Lawen Omri
9. Ayez El Haq
10. Aashet El Asami

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