Sunday, October 26, 2008

Myriam Faris - Myriam

Myriam Faris entered the music scene with an album that was essentially a tribute to Turkish singer/composer Bendeniz, with six songs credited to her and the two remaining songs to Roger Halabi and Boudi Naoum. Seen as Jean Saliba headed her entry into the music scene, it is not so surprising that her debut album is so different, and Turkish, compared to the albums that came after it. The majority of the songs came from Bendeniz's Zaman album, from which Saliba also remade the title track for Amal Hijazi in her beginnings. Myriam was introduced to music scene with the now ubiquitous Ana Wel Shouq, a remake of Bendeniz's Helal. The music of electronic Ghmorni and Europop Shou Baddo Ysir offsets the otherwise quintessential Turkish style on the rest of the album. Though Myriam was a decent entry for Myriam, she did not truly define her style until her hit 2005 album.


1. Ana Wel Shouq
2. Ghmorni
3. La Tes'alni
4. Shou Baddo Ysir
5. Inta El Hayat
6. Ahebbak Heyl
7. Hal Gharam Mish Gharam
8. Ya Aalem Bel Hal

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