Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amal Hijazi - Akher Gharam

Amal Hijazi's debut album was producer Jean Saliba's second major undertaking, after he launched Elissa in 1998. However, Amal differentiated herself from the beginning. Much like Elissa before her, and Myriam Faris, Cyrine, Melissa, and Rayan after her, Amal's debut album features many Turkish composers. For example, the album's first single Rayeh Balak is a remake of Yeşim Salkım's Kavanoz Dipli Dunya. However, unlike the aforementioned singers' debuts, the majority of the album is composed by Arab composers like Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Marwan Khoury, Hassan Abou El S'oud and Jean-Marie Riachi. The hit title song is composed by the late Azar Habib and arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi in a style that melds Arabic mawals and strings with flamenco-pop. When compared to Amal's latest offerings, it is obvious how much Amal has grown as an artist and matured.


1. Rayeh Balak
2. Wainak
3. Habibi Oud
4. Kif Ma Baddak
5. Alli El Mousiqa
6. Ashgar
7. Zalem
8. Maghroum
9. Nefsak Tegma' Ma Beinna
10. Ghannait
11. Akher Gharam

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