Monday, October 13, 2008

Asalah - Awgat

Though Asalah had sung in the Gulf/Khaliji dialect numerous times before, she never experienced success with it at the scale of Awgat in 2004. Unlike her 2007 effort, the approach she took was extremely traditional, with the most foreign instruments in most of the songs being the odd synth and the focus in the majority of the songs being on the poetry. The album opens with the upbeat Tawwek Ala Bali and the hit Meta Ashoufek. Rawweh Ou Rouh is in Fayez El Sa'id's usual style, but stretches Asalah's vocals much more than Tawwek Ala Bali. Ya'coub Al Khubaizi's Ma Tewaqa't and Afwan, take a completely different route partly thanks to Egyptian arranger Amr Abdulaziz, who even incorporated clarinet into Afwan. Gemarhom Kellehom is an upbeat song about a jealous lover, that also became a successful single. Remsh El Ghala and La Salam pick up the pace again with faster and stronger percussion, though with a different feel than the first tracks on the album. Terfa' Jebinek, composed by Abdallah El Go'oud and arranged by Tarek Aakef, is slightly more relaxed but works in a lot more synth, in the arranger's signature style. Ma Gedar, another Khubaizi composition, starts like a slow pop song and then jumps into the traditional Khaliji beats. Awgat, composed by Mohamed Abdu and arranged by his Egyptian protégé Walid El Fayed, takes a completely different tone and feels like one of Abdu's own grand classics when it transitions from one style to another. Sadeq El Sha'er's beautiful Yes'ed Sabahak, a fifteen-minute ballad in the traditional Arabic tarab style, closes the album in the best way possible.


1. Tawwek Ala Bali
2. Meta Ashoufek
3. Rawweh Ou Rouh
4. Ma Tewaqa't
5. Gemarhom Kellehom
6. Afwan
7. Remsh El Ghala
8. La Salam
9. Terfa' Jebinek
10. Ma Gedar
11. Awgat
12. Yes'ed Sabahak

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