Monday, October 20, 2008

Asalah - Moushta'a

Asalah's 2002 album was, musically, a 180 degree shift from its predecessor, Ya Akhi Es'al. Instead of Dr. Al Khubaizi and Tarek Aakef, Mohamed Diya'eddin and Walid Saad anchor this album. Also included are Asalah's first and only collaborations with Samir Sfair and Ziad Boutros. Samir Sfair's mellow E'tef Habibi became the second single (after Ayeshni Sawani). Ziad Boutros' melancholic Mish Be Mwa'idi, Asalah's first Lebanese song, has much more substance in terms of lyrics, thanks to Nabil Abou Abdo. Walid Saad's songs are, as they usually are, ballads with lyrics that speak of lost love. However, the upbeat Mo'gaba Fik is an exception and a great change of pace for Walid. It's no secret that, at least pre-2006, ballads are what Asalah always does best. The both sad and empowering Ma Ba'ash Ana, composed by Mohamed Diya', is one of Asalah's most well-known songs to this day.


1. Ayeshni Sawani
2. Ya Eini
3. Mokhade'
4. E'tef Habibi
5. Mish Be Mwa'idi
6. Mo'gaba Fik
7. Fouq Men Wahmak
8. Ma Ba'ash Ana

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