Friday, October 10, 2008

Kadim Al Sahir - Sowar

Kadim Al Sahir, a.k.a. the Caesar of Arabic Song, hasn't put out an album like Sowar in years. Having garnered the majority of his success from grand songs that brought life to the poetry of the great Nizar Qabbani the past few years, many of Kadim's old fans missed the days when he sung songs that were purely Iraqi. Kadim's 2008 album consists of thirteen tracks, primarily in the Iraqi dialect, and mostly upbeat tracks he composed himself. The album opens weakly with Set El Helwat, which is too stylistically similar to Kadim's 2005 hit, El Ebnaya. Ensa El Aalam, the album's first single, picks the album up and sets a much more suitable tone. Akhiran, a slow ballad, takes the speed down a notch, but Alamak picks up where Ensa El Aalam left off and brings back the Iraqi percussion and playful lyrics. Teheb Tetdalla' and Sadaf are typical Kadim songs, with a pace that is not too slow, and expressive lyrics. Makheth El Rouh and Om El Sheila are also enjoyable songs with a traditional style, even incorporating the clapping typical of Iraq and the Gulf region. Tehebbeni and Sowar are the two Khaliji songs on the album, composed by Mohamed Shafiq. Aayel, an old Iraqi folk song, and Hat Hodnak round up the Iraqi songs on the album, and the album ends with a Nizar Qabbani poem, Ma'a Baghdadiya.


1. Set El Helwat
2. Ensa El Aalam
3. Akhiran
4. Alamak
5. Teheb Tetdalla'
6. Om El Sheila
7. Makheth El Rouh
8. Sowar
9. Sadaf
10. Tehebbeni
11. Hat Hodnak
12. Aayel
13. Ma'a Baghdadiya

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