Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asalah - Hayati

After settling an ugly divorce, finally quitting smoking, and remarrying, Asalah released Hayati (My Life) in 2006. Hayati was, and remains, one of Asalah's most diverse albums. At its release, Asalah stated that each song she chose described a stage in her life. The first single, Aktar, was an instant hit, and was constantly played on TV, radio, and she was requested to sing it at every TV appearance or concert. Now one of her defining hits, Aktar was even remade by Turkish singer Jale Parıltı. The song was composed by Tamer Ali and arranged by Tamim, both of whom worked on Elissa's 2006 hit Bastannak. Arod Leih is Asalah's second collaboration with Amr Mostafa, and she made the dramatic ballad her second single. Ana Moush Sa'ba Aleik and Nassini Bik are stylistically similar, upbeat love songs. Asalah shot Bein Eideik on the beach with her husband, and made the song, which was composed by Ramy Sabry, a look at how she enjoyed her new life with her husband. Wehna Sawa, her first Algerian song, is composed by Mounir El Jazairi, the man behind Nawal's hit Tammen Galbak. Wallahi Ma Tahaddi (by Walid Saad & Karim Abdelwahab) was originally intended for Tamer Hosny, whose version was leaked, but ended up becoming Asalah's, and she more than did song justice. The album's sole Lebanese song, Alamtni (by Marwan Khoury & Hadi Sharara), is a slow, malancholic song which met with success for Asalah, who had not sung a Lebanese song since 2001. The title song was Asalah's first attempt at jazz, and combined with the lyrics, which spoke of her newfound liberation, it was well-received as the album's final single. The album won Asalah a Murex D'Or in 2007 for Best Female Arab Singer.


1. Aktar
2. Ana Moush Sa'ba Aleik
3. Arod Leih
4. Alamtni
5. Hayati
6. Wehna Sawa
7. Bein Eideik
8. Nassini Bik
9. Wallahi Ma Tahaddi

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S. said...

Thank you very much! I haven't heard this one, but judging by your introduction I might like it more than Sawaha Galbi? Which one do you prefer?

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome. As an overall album, I like this one more. I think you'll prefer this one, and I am actually surprised you haven't heard it. It was her biggest album in years :D.

Shams said...

One of the album I like the most of Assala if it's not her best one.
Special mention for "wallahi ma tahadi"

Juiz de Meia-Tigela said...

Wallahi Ma Tahaddi, what a song!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome guys, and yes, Wallahi Ma Tahaddi is definitely my favorite song on the album too!

nice said...

Thank u Tabbouche. Juste a remark : "Wehna Sawa" is not a morrocan song, the lyrics are juste a mix between egyptian and algerian.

Tabbouche said...

I'm sorry, you're right, it's an Algerian song (composed by Mounir El Jazairi, that should have been obvious!). Thanks for correcting me :), nice, keep visiting!

parviziyi said...

As a smoker myself, I was surprised and interested to hear Tabbouche saying that Asalah was a smoker and she didn't quit until pretty recently. I had assumed, for some now unknown reason, that these divas couldn't smoke. But in her case at least, her tobacco habit clearly had no adverse affect on her singing voice.