Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yara - Twassa Fiyeh

Yara, like Madeleine Matar, Amal Hijazi, Maya Nasri, and Nelly Makdessy, was a contestant on LBC's Ka's Al Nojoum. Years after her fellow contestants had begun their careers, Lebanese composer Tarek Abou Jaoudeh discovered her and took her on as his first "star". Yara debuted with a single, Hob Kbir, and followed it up with her first album, the hit Twassa Fiyeh. The album, which was still churning out hit singles for her a year after its release, carries the names of many talented musicians, including Abou Jaoudeh himself, Hadi Sharara, Khaled Ez, Bassem Yehia, and Ziad Boutros (Julia's brother). Yara has covered everything from ballads, Twassa Fiyeh and Hob Kbir, to upbeat maksoum, Law Basseli and Bala Eshq, and more vocally-demanding Arabic songs like Lamma Tettalla' and Alf Zayak. Great songs like Wana Ganbak, that did not get the spotlight when they were released, were later discovered thanks to the hit duet that Abou Jaoudeh got her with Fadl Shaker, which sparked a renewed and wider interest in the talented new singer.


1. Bala Eshq
2. Law Basseli
3. Wana Ganbak
4. Hob Kbir
5. Lamma Tettalla'
6. Twassa Fiyeh
7. Nesitni Zaman
8. Alf Zayak
9. Ayam

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Asilah said...
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Enis said...

Thanks Tabbouche. I think Yara's first album was better than the second, the collaboration with Khaled Ezz was great, and Tarek Abou Jawda dis his best, but he was repeating himself in the second album, no originality (Jayi is a copy paste from Bahlam Bi Ainaik). I like almost all of the songs of this album.