Monday, October 20, 2008

Asalah - Ighdab

Ighdab marked Asalah's first (and only) collaboration with the great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani. The title song, which is composed by Helmi Bakr, is a lengthy qasida, and stylistically very different than the first four tracks, which are composed by Mohamed Diya'eddin. The poem talks of an angry lover, and how his anger and attempts to hurt her will not make her falter, "for you are like a child, we love children no matter how they hurt us... And without waves, there would not be seas." Law Alf Ahebbak and Batthadda Eyounak are typical 1990s Egyptian maksoum songs with a synth, fast percussion, accordion, a bass line and little in the way of musical innovation. Magrouh Sout El Sa'at and Ma Tes'alnish are both slower, Egyptian ballads.


1. Law Alf Ahebbak
2. Ma Tes'alnish
3. Batthadda Eyounak
4. Magrouh Sout El Sa'at
5. Ighdab

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