Monday, October 20, 2008

Asalah - Ya Akhi Es'al

Asalah's forays into the Khaliji genre began in the 1990s, but Ya Akhi Es'al is arguably her first truly successful Khaliji album. She worked with some of the top composers, such as Dr. Yacoub Al Khubaizi (Leih El Ghorour, Samehna), who composed some of her most successful later work too (Misheit Senin, Afwan) as well as Dina Hayek's summer 2007 hit, Jarreb El Ghira. The title track, Ya Akhi Es'al, is composed by Tarek Mohamed, the man behind so many of Nawal's recent hits, such as Inta Tayyeb, Tebgha El Sedeg, and Agsa Kalami. The songs tend to be traditional, however some songs like Leih El Ghorour and Samehna incorporate piano and bouzouk also.


1. Leih El Ghorour
2. Samehna
3. Rajeitak
4. El Ghira
5. Ya Akhi Es'al
6. Khalas
7. Es'al Aleina
8. Asalli Nafsi

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