Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carole Samaha - Oughniat El Toufoula

Carole Samaha began as an actress on the Rahbani stage, and acted in plays such as Akher Ayam Sokrat (The Last Days of Socrates), Abu Tayeb Al Mutanabi and Al Nizam Al Jadid (The New Order). Before she transitioned into mainstream pop, Carole sang Aasheqat Allah, an album of religious songs, and two singles, Be Sabah El Alf El Talet (by Mansour Rahbani) and Oughniat El Toufoula (by Mansour & Oussama Rahbani). This album serves as a good compilation of Carole's work with the Rahbani family. Coming predominantly from plays, many of the songs on this album tend to be lyric-focused. Oughniat El Toufoula and Be Sabah El Al El Talet are humanitarian songs, the former for children and the latter about peace (or the lack thereof). Oussama Rahbani's Ana Law Be'der Rouh La Indak is a purely oriental song reminiscent of Fairuz's early career. Two songs from Sokrat make it on to the CD; Wehyatak Dallak Elli, which incorporates an Eastern European feel, and La Ta'rif Issmi, which is mellower and more traditional. Ataf An'oud El Enab (from Al Nizam Al Jadid) and Eftahli El Bab are more typical of western theatre, thought the former is the more dramatic of the two.


1. Oughniat El Toufoula
2. Be Sabah El Alf El Talet
3. Ana Law Be'der Rouh La Indak
4. Wehyatak Dallak Elli
5. Eftahli El Bab
6. Ataf An'oud El Enab
7. La Ta'rif Issmi

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MhX said...

WoW .. That's Excellent Dear Tabbouche. I Love Besaba7 El Alf Ethaleth .. You're The Best Friend !

MhX !

Tabbouche said...

Thanks for stopping by, MhX. Enjoy :).

Anonymous said...

RIP... Mansour Al Rahbany
Thx. for this great music I´m from Mexico city...

Thx, Thx...

You can post the lyrics and a translation of the song Besaba7 El Alf Ethaleth please?

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the lyrics you want: