Saturday, November 8, 2008

Asmahan - Les Archives De La Musique Arabe

Born Amal Al Atrache to Syrian Druze nobility, Asmahan's life was almost as interesting as her sublime voice. Asmahan's father, Fahd Al Atrache, was the governor of the Demirci district in Ottoman Turkey. After Turkey lost Syria to the French, the Atrache family fled fearing Turkish retribution and Asmahan was born on the ship that took them back to Syria. Having lost their wealth, Asmahan's mother was forced to sing for a living and became young Asmahan, and her brother Farid's inspiration. One of the earliest singers to introduce the western influence to Arabic music, Asmahan's voice excelled at almost anything. Though Farid lived quite a long life and became a legendary singer, actor, and composer, Asmahan was not so lucky. Her mysterious death in Egypt was blamed on the intelligence wars of the time, and it was rumored she was a spy. Other more ridiculous conspiracy theories account even accused Oum Kalthoum of having her murdered "to kill off the competition". This is a compilation of Asmahan's greatest songs, and even includes Ya Habibi Ta'ala and Layali El Ons, which are still concert favorites to this day.


1. Aleik Salat Allah
2. Layta Lel Barqi
3. Farraq Ma Beinna
4. Naweit Adari
5. Layali El Bashar
6. Ash'inha
7. Layali El Ons
8. Ya Habibi Ta'ala

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