Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mohamed El Majzoub - Hann Albi

Mohamed El Majzoub was a favorite to win the second season of Rotana TV's Arab import of The X Factor. And not surprisingly, the 17-year-old Syrian won it. As promised, Mohamed went to work on his debut album, courtesy of Rotana, and one year later here it is. Like fellow X Factor winner Rajaa Qasabni before him, Mohamed works with Walid Saad, Salim Salameh, and Adel Aayesh. The album also maintains the same oriental feel throughout, with traditional instrumentation and only the title song using a pop beat. However, unlike Rajaa's album, Lebanese songs dominate this album and there is far more variety in terms of composers and arrangers with Hisham Boulos, Marc Abdelnour, Khalil Abou Abeid, and Dani Helou on board also. Rotana has produced another winner in Mohamed, and this album is definitely one of the strongest debuts in years.


1. Allah Shou Bhebbak
2. Hann Albi
3. Keda Tensani
4. Hebbini
5. Ba'dek
6. Ma T'oulsh Ana
7. Ana A'mel Eih
8. Bhessak Ma'i

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Shams said...

Finally!! It came out!!!I loved his voice the first time I saw him on X factor and I was sure he was gonna win.

Tabbouche said...

Yeah I was rooting for him and Bouchra, and they were the top 2 :D. His album is quite good too :).

chsf said...

If I had a spoon, I'd eat him up - he's just too cute. And very talented, I'm glad he didn't take the boyband approach.