Monday, November 10, 2008

Darine Hadchiti - Kel El Ossa

Darine Hadchiti's third album is a solid effort from the young Lebanese singer. As always, Kel El Ossa boasts a stellar list of musicians, including Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Hadi Sharara, Wissam El Amir, Roger Khoury, George Karam, Zaher El Baba, Mohamed Yehia, Walid Saad, Adel Aayesh, and Boudi Naoum. As is usually the case, Darine's album is quite lengthy, and so there are a number of great songs with not-so-great songs filling the gap. The album opens like her previous two, with a Tarek Abou Jaoudeh-Hadi Sharara collaboration. Meshta'a is another catchy song with an amazing fusion of Arabic and electronic music. The title song, an upbeat and fun Lebanese song composed by Wissam El Amir, follows. Kel El Ossa's arrangement is reminiscent of the style Roger Khoury used with his last collaboration with Wissam El Amir, on Melhem Zein's Alawwah. Next up is Ana Aheb (Fiha Eih Ya'ni), which is composed by one of the busiest men this year, Mohamed Yehia. Tarek Madkour's upbeat, poppy arrangement on this song is one of his better works this year. The album's first single, Rasi Ala Rasak, is an equally great song, thanks to both George Karam's upbeat composition and Boudi Naoum's fusion of pop with an Arabic beat and mizmar. Ma Bta'refni, composed by Zaher El Baba, is another enjoyable, upbeat song, even though the arrangement takes a backseat with nothing special. Hobbak Ghali Alaya, Darine's first Egyptian single, is fairly good although her vocals don't do much for the song. Darine Hadchiti's vocals are not necessarily bad, her failure to create a niche for herself is what holds her back, even after the release of her third album. Regardless of what you hear from others, Kel El Ossa is definitely worth a listen, with a number of good songs to be discovered.


1. Meshta'a
2. Kel El Ossa
3. Ana Aheb (Fiha Eih Ya'ni)
4. Maw'oudeh
5. Denyeh B'ideh
6. Rasi Ala Rasak
7. Mamnou'
8. Ma'ouleh Hayda El Hob
9. Ma Bta'refni
10. Khedni Wrouh
11. Hobbak Ghali Alaya

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