Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oum Kalthoum - Daret El Ayam

Oum Kalthoum was not only a symbol of Egypt, but the symbol of a unified Arab world. Whether she sang classical poetry or in her native dialect, religious songs or patriotic songs, her voice was heard from Morocco to Oman. The young bedouin girl who simply came to sing in the big city not only became a milestone in Arabic music, but became the voice of Nasserism, of Arab unity. Though the dreams she and Gamal Abdel Nasser envisioned may have died with them, her music lives on and she remains Kawkab Al Sharq (Star of the East). Daret El Ayam, written by Ma'moun El Shennawi and composed by the great Mohamed Abdel Wahab, is one of Oum Kalthoum's most well-known songs. The song speaks of how years after two lovers parted, seeing each other awakened old emotions and made them forget why they ever parted. From the moment the melancholic accordion begins to play to the end, Daret El Ayam is a testament to the genius of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and the beauty of Oum Kalthoum's world.


1. Daret El Ayam

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