Monday, November 24, 2008

Diana Haddad - Men Diana Ela...

Diana Haddad returns to the music scene with Men Diana Ela... (a.k.a. From Diana To), a Khaliji album from beginning to end. The styles range from pop and ballads to the traditional. Some songs use typical Arabic beats (be it from the Gulf or Iraq), while others use styles that border on Latin, African, and Indian music. Never one to depend on one lyricist or musician, Diana works with a number of composers, like Walid El Shami, Abdelqader El Hedhoud, Fayez El Sa'id, and Essam Kamal. Arrangers Ziad Nadim, Ali Msafer, Bilal El Zein and Ahmed Asadi each do great jobs on Shloun Ashoufah, Tahreg A'sabi, Leit El Goloub, and Ajiba respectively. Though most would have liked to see Diana release a more diverse album, after a two-year wait, Men Diana Ela... is thoroughly enjoyable album.


1. Sheft Ettesalek
2. Shloun Ashoufah
3. Tahreg A'sabi
4. El'ab Ala Galbi
5. Allah Ykhallik
6. Ajiba
7. Ya Za'lan
8. Ma Yet'ebni
9. Leit El Goloub
10. Rouh Ya Sghayer

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