Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pascale Machaalani - Sa'beh Eish... Men Dounak

Pascale Machaalani's eleventh studio album, Sa'beh Eish... Men Dounak, was released in 2004. Apart from the odd intro or beat, the majority of the album is quite purist, working with strings and Arabic beats rather than chasing new trends. As we have come to expect from Pascale in the past few years, the majority of the album is arranged by Melhem Abou Shdid, and he did some of his best work here. With the exception of the title song, the album is written by Egyptian lyricists, and composed by both Egyptian and Lebanese composers, such as Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Mostafa Aoud, Mahmoud Khayami, and Boudi Naoum (who brings a pop song to the table as usual). Pascale had many unforgettable hits with this album, such as Sa'beh Eish Men Dounak and Sana Oula Gharam, but many of the songs that weren't given the spotlight, like Ba'd Keda and Aal Youm El Youm, are equally great.

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1. Sa'beh Eish Men Dounak
2. Rouhi Inta
3. Ana Toul El Youm
4. Ba'd Keda
5. Balak Tawil
6. Sana Oula Gharam
7. Aal Youm El Youm
8. Omri Lik
9. Bahebbohou

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