Monday, November 10, 2008

Nawal - Nawal 2009

Nawal's long-awaited follow-up to Nawal 2006 has finally arrived, and it is definitely good. As always, Nawal has an infectiously catchy single, and the rest of the album is filled with well-chosen lyrics, and generally mellow music. Mou Liya, like El Shoug Jabek, Bi Yahsedouni Aleih, and Tammen Galbak before it, is infectiously catchy and goes places Nawal has never been before. After joining Nawal on his compositions like El Shou Jabek and Fel Bedaya, Mish'al El Orouj returns even more prominently in Mou Liya, although it is his only composition here. On this album, Nawal's Egyptian song is composed by Walid Saad, after working with the late Riyad El Hamshari on her past two albums. Bahraini arranger Sirouz has much more prominent presence on Nawal 2009 than any other arranger, a fact this listener doesn't like, but listening to the work Khaled Ez and Hani Farhat do on Hathi Jedida, Wein Antehi, and Khed'a, or ─░smail Tun├žbilek does on Mou Liya is gratifying enough to forget it. Sah is another beautiful song, combining Turki's meaningful lyrics with Sahm's skillful composition (which he already proved in Asalah's 2007 album, Sawaha Galbi), and Essam El Sharaiti & Hani Farhat's arrangement. Nawal 2009 caters to those who like the polished Nawal as much as it does to those who like the rougher, more old school Nawal.


1. Dhagat Aleik
2. Meshtag Galoli
3. Sam
4. Leih Saket
5. Hathi Jedida
6. Mou Liya
7. May Eini
8. Sah
9. Ghab Nourek
10. Khed'a
11. Aghla Hob
12. Has Be Ghalteto
13. Min Allemek
14. Eyoun El Nas
15. Wein Antehi

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Shams said...

"Molah" is really a great song but the clip is bad...Tarek el Arian is to ban from directing anything...
Anyway I'm downloading the album so I'll tell you my opinion as soon as I hear it

Tabbouche said...

I agree, Mou Liya is one of the best songs this year... Tarek continues to murder videos as usual :p.