Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elissa - Ahla Dounya

Elissa's 2004 album was a turning point for the Lebanese singer in many ways. It not only cemented her Egyptian success, got her a contract with Pepsi, and won her her first World Music Award, it also marked the most active point in Elissa's career. It was her last album with producer Jean Saliba, and her last collaboration with Jean-Marie Riachi, who arranged the whole album. The album is dominated by western-style ballads and Latin touches, but there are a number of songs which shine through. Elissa remakes another Turkish song here also, Bain El Ain is a cover of İzel's Dile Benden, and although I prefer İzel's voice, Jean-Marie Riachi gives the arrangement slightly more depth. The hit Erga' Lel Shouq, Elissa's first completely Arabic-sounding single, makes you almost feel the orchestra around you. The sad Hobbak Waja', exhilarating Arrabli, upbeat Irham Albi, and emotional Gouwaya Lik, are all more than enough to merit this album a listen. For fans of Hossam Habib, after working with her on Ayshalak, Hossam also composed Ad Ma Bashta'lak. Jean-Marie Riachi fell out with Elissa after this album for reasons that remain unclear, but Ahla Dounya remains a testament to his contribution to her success.


1. Erga' Lel Shouq
2. Ahla Dounya
3. Kol Youm Fi Omri
4. Khallini A'ish
5. Bain El Ain
6. Hobbak Waja' (Inta La Min?)
7. Ad Ma Bashta'lak
8. Kan Nefsi A'raf
9. Zikra
10. Irham Albi
11. Gouwaya Lik
12. Arrabli
13. Law Nerja' Sawa

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