Friday, November 28, 2008

Magida el Roumi - Kalimat

Magida el Roumi's 1991 album was one of the most important in her career. Reissued several times, and with the iconic title song etched in the minds of Arab listeners everywhere, Kalimat set the stage for what was to come from this living Lebanese legend. Combining "the women's poet" Nizar Qabbani's beautiful poetry with Ihsan El Mounzer's beautiful fusion of classical and Arabic music, Kalimat is one of those songs you never forget. The great Mayada El Hennawi also talked about her love for this song when interviewed on Shako Mako.


1. Kalimat
2. Esma' Albi
3. El Iyam
4. Inta We Ana
5. Koullon Youghanni Ala Lailah
6. Beirut Set Eddounia

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