Monday, November 24, 2008

Sara Al Hani - Haik Bta'mel

The young Sara Al Hani returns this year with a completely different album, Haik Bta'mel. The beautiful title song is composed by the talented Ramy Ayach, which is bound to help her attract some of the well-loved star's fans. Walid Saad, who composed her debut single Karrahni Fik, returns also with two songs, the mizmar-infused Elli Nasini and slow Eftakart, both arranged by Adel Aayesh. Salim Assaf has written most of the lyrics, and he also composed Ma Hada Byeb'edni, as well as Sara's first Khaliji song, Fedeit Rouhak. Olt Eih is also an enjoyable song also, composed by Mazen Zawaydi and arranged by Hadi Sharara. Though Sara's voice, and Jean-Marie Riachi's arrangement, on Haik Bta'mel will steal you away at first, be sure to listen to the whole album.

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1. Haik Bta'mel
2. Olt Eih
3. Law Khayarouni
4. Al Shou A Balou
5. Elli Nasini
6. Fedeit Rouhak
7. Ma Hada Byeb'edni
8. Eftakart

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Anonymous said...

Thanks...Ironically, it's more the reviews that you give for each album that I appreciate more than the actual download link. Thank you so much for the reviews. You should consider rating each album as well. I would really look forward to that.

Shams said...

I agree with you. I always enjoy the reviews.
By the way thanks for the link. The album is really nice.
And Haik bta3mel is so greatttttt!

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome guys :D. I would give a rating, but my opinion changes :P. My reviews are relatively unbiased, I usually refrain from being too opinionated. That way I won't have to keep coming back to edit or increase/decrease the rating :P.

Dan said...

great blog, I just found it and will be checking it regularly now! can you update the link for this album?

Tabbouche said...

Thanks for stopping by Dan, link fixed!