Monday, August 4, 2008

Melissa - Mfakker Halak Min

Melissa's initial entry into the music scene as "Elissa 2.0" with Elissa's former producer, Jean Saliba, hindered her success in 2006. Her first two singles, Leil Ya Leil and Kam Sana were hits nonetheless and put Melissa's name out into the fray of new pop stars. Like her previous album, Mfakker Halak Min is, for the most part, the fruit of Jean Saliba's collaboration with Turkish composers. However, this time around Melissa leaves the Elissa-style ballads behind for a more club-oriented album. Rather than Jean-Marie Riachi and Nasser El As'ad, this new dance album is arranged by Hadi Charara, Aytekin Kurt, and Walid Sheraki. For those who liked Melissa's old style, it's a drastic change, however for those who are looking for a break from the ballads, this is your album. The album is well-suited to Melissa's otherwise limited vocal range, and enjoyable from beginning to end. Also included is her hit summer 2007 duet with Dr. Alban, Habibi. Tracks 4 to 7 are all club and trance-influenced, while tracks 1-3 are have a slower pop pace, and track 8 is hip hop.


1. Mfakker Halak Min
2. Wehyat Eineik
3. Rouh
4. Inta Eih Fi Hayati
5. Ta'lali Awam
6. Khodou Eini
7. Habibi Ertah
8. Habibi (Somebody Call My Name) [feat. Dr. Alban]

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