Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nawal Al Zoghbi - Elli Tmanneito

Having cut off all ties from Rotana, Nawal signed up with Alam El Phan in 2002, after a string of hit albums (Mandam Aleik, Ma Loum, El Layali, and Toul Omri). Barely a year after Toul Omri, Nawal released Elli Tmanneito in 2002. The rushed manner of the album, and misunderstandings with the press put Nawal under heavy stress, and she stayed out of the public eye after shooting the videos for the album. The album is a mixed bag, with Latin-influenced pop, Egyptian maksoum, Moroccan, Khaliji (lyrics), Lebanese, and a remake of a Turkish song (Trekni Rouh).


1. Elli Tmanneito
2. Bi Yelba'lak
3. Ghib An Einaya
4. Nar El Gharam
5. Trekni Rouh
6. Habib Diali
7. Malak Alaya Yamin
8. Yana Yana
9. Weili Ya Hawa
10. Habibi Ana

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256 Kbps + Covers


DarwishBasha said...

shokran Tabbouche ..
bs wain el 320kbps elly ettafa2na 3alehom :(

3an jad .. ur albums .. a7san soot ..
takhayyal low saro golden rip o 3ally elsoot ..
plz ... e3malelna eyyahom 320kbps .. o shokran

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Please have you the names of the composers of the album ?
I would enjoy if you had also for the "El Layali" album.


Tabbouche said...

Hey, I'm sorry I replied so late!
The composers are as follows:

1. Elli Tmanneito: Amr Mostafa
2. Bi Yelba'lak: Samir Sfair
3. Ghib An Einaya: Amr Mostafa
4. Nar El Gharam: REG Music Factory
5. Trekni Rouh: Eliaz Kuruz
6. Habib Diali: Safi ? (unclear print :()
7. Malak Alaya Yamin: Samir Sfair
8. Yana Yana: Mohamed Rehim
9. Weili Ya Hawa: Mohamed Rehim
10. Ya Habibi Ana: Amr Mostafa