Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yara - Inta Menni

Yara's long-awaited second album is in a completely different direction than her hit debut, Twassa Fiyeh, and understandably so. The only musician on both Twassa Fiyeh and Inta Menni is Yara's producer, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh. The majority of this album is arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi, with one by Tarek Madkour, and another by Ralph Khoury (from The R.E.G. Project). Yara, like Wael Kfoury and Assi Al Hillani, is one of the artists who lost an integral part of their team from Tarek Abou Jaoudeh and Hadi Sharara's highly-publicized fallout. Also, this album has two Lebanese composers, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh and Wissam El Amir. The rest of the songs are by Egyptian composers (Rami Gamal, Mostafa Sabri, Mahmoud Khayami), with two by Khaliji composers (Nasser El Saleh, Ahmed El Hermi), and another by Greek composer Phoebus. In short, expect a completely different album from Yara's first.


1. Jayeh
2. Hessak Einak
3. Inta Menni
4. Alli La'
5. Hawel Marra
6. Bi Gemlet Elli Rah
7. Ma Yhemak
8. Haddi A'sabek
9. Bahlam Bi Ainaik
10. Inta Menni (Remix)

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