Sunday, August 3, 2008

Najwa Karam - Am Bemzah Ma'ak

Najwa Karam's seventeenth album furthers the reputation of both excellence and musical evolution that she has upheld for the past two decades. This album, perhaps more than any of its predecessors, shows the many faces of Najwa and her music. Am Bemzah Ma'ak's star-studded list of lyricists and musicians includes Nizar Francis, Saoud El Sharbatli, Melhem Barakat, Wissam El Amir, Imad Shamseddine, Hadi Charara, Mohamed Mostafa, and Tamim, whom Najwa works with for the first time. Najwa's past two albums focused primarily on more traditional Lebanese songs, with a few exceptions. However, this album's music ranges from dabke and sha'bi to more jazz and pop-influenced songs that still maintain an Arabic feel. Though not an instant crowd-pleaser like her Kibir El Hob album, this album's style is mature and something you will want listen to over and over.


1. Inta El Shams
2. Am Bemzah Ma'ak
3. Gatalna El Khouf
4. Ammant Galbi
5. El Helm El Abyad
6. Kammel Ala Rouhi
7. Ta'a Khabbik
8. Ma Bkhabbi Alaik

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the music my aunty was naggin me for this thanx ;)

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome, I hope she enjoys it :D.

chsf said...

Well, I find the latest big hit off the album, "Ma Bkhabbi Alaik", particularly catchy. But has there been any other singles off it? :-P

Tabbouche said...

Am Bemzah Ma'ak, then Ma Bkhabbi Alaik, and now Ta'a Khabbik :D. Ta'a Khabbik is my favorite, but Ma Bkhabbi Alaik got a much better video.