Sunday, August 10, 2008

Najwa Karam - Shou Mghayara..!

In 2004, Najwa was still riding on the immense success of Saherni, her 2003 album, which had pulled her up from her slightly lackluster 2002 album, Tahamouni. Like its predecessor, Shou Mghayara..! also saw a much less significant presence of Imad Shamseddine, who at the time was producing Rouwaida Attieh's debut album, Men Nazra. Although Wissam El Amir dominated this album as well, Najwa worked with Marwan Khoury and Mahmoud Khayami, adding to the album's diversity. She sang in the Khaliji dialect extensively here too, albeit not in the Khaliji style. Laish Mgharrab is also one of the rare instances in which Najwa sings about a political subject. The video clip, which visualizes a apocalyptic Beirut in 2020, also had scenes which portrayed citizens protesting against the government. The video was initially banned, but was later released after the protest scenes were almost completely edited out. The song, written by Roger Feghali, describes the feelings of a Lebanese emigrant. You can view the edited version here with English subtitles.


1. Bi Hawak
2. Shou Kent T'elli
3. Ya Dounya
4. Areft Akhtar
5. Shou Mghayara
6. Akher Dawa
7. Lailek Ma Kan Mashi
8. Laish Mgharrab

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