Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nawal - Nawal 2002

Nawal's 2002 album brought with it one of her first pan-Arab hits, El Shoug Jabek (Love Brought You), which is an interesting musical meld of Latin and Egyptian styles. It is also one of her most extensive collaborations with Egyptian composer/arranger Tarek Aakef, who arranged six of the eleven tracks. Unlike her last two releases, western influences are scarce in this album, and she employs Khaliji and Egyptian styles throughout the album.


1. El Shoug Jabek
2. Habib El Omr
3. Ya Entedhari
4. Khathani El Shoug
5. Khams Jerouh
6. Tefassil
7. Illa Int
8. Metghayer Kalamek
9. Gad Ma Habbeit
10. Ana Weddi
11. Goul Ahebbek

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